Saturday, January 28, 2012

My life's mission-simplicity

In the culture we live in it is very hard to slow down. It doesn't even seem like the right thing to do. We are living on the technology superhighway where everything happens so fast. When I was young my dad says I would go outside on my bike in the morning and not return until around 4 pm. ThT is one of my fondest memories of my childhood, the freedom I had to explore. My dad lived in Hanover park, Illinois . In a suberb where people left the doors unlocked with no fear of being robbed or harmed. There were lotsnof kids and I spent my days riding my dirt bike, building and jumping bike ramps, and just hanging out doing kid things. I use to go to the pool twice a day sometimes. I was just an outdoor type of girl who enjoyed playing and connecting with friends. I never forget that about myself childhood because it says a lot about who I am today and the life I desire for my family. I hear from old neighbors where my mom lived, that I enjoyed turning over rocks. Even at my mom's house I was always outside playing, probably up until I got into middle school and other things started to get my attention, like boys. Instead of going outside I would be on the phone. Imguess I followed the path of many young ladies, however the older I got the more cramped I felt in my life. I started to miss a simpler life. I think most ofnus would like a simpler life. Do not get me wrong I am not talking about running from the responsibilities that come with being an adult. I am talking about living a life that is enriching and rejuvenating. It is my dream for my family to have a lifestyle that goes against the fast pace of the culture we live in. I want us to live somewhere where we can enjoy outdoor recreation and God's beautiful creation, a place where our children have the freedom to be kids. I want a family life that consist of some t.v., and other technology etc. But I am more interested in things that will awaken the mind and the spirit. Spending time with God, reading, spending time with friends and family, spending time outdoors. As our family life is now I feel there is a lot of work we need to do in terms of how we spend our time. We live in too much of a shell that is of our own invention. I am praying to god to help us to break out of that shell. As I said in my last post I realize I cannot drW conclusions on how this is going to happen or whTmit is going to look like but I can grunt thT as I allow this marinat on my heart as it has been, that god will provide themeans and desire to bring it to pass.

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