Monday, January 9, 2012

Th universe, the heavens, the seasons, and the earth. These things all so brilliantly designed and weaved together with such detail and such precision to work perfectly together. What if god uses that same degree of brilliance and precision when working in our lives, shouldn't we trust him. What's funny is that when I look at my life on the surface it doesn't appear to work with nearly as much brilliance, precision, and beauty as the planets and the stars and the sun, the moon and the seasons. But when I take a closer, deeper look I see. I see how god has created in me an attitude that is more relaxed, at ease, and peaceful. This has impacted my husband and my daughter in positive ways. I am becoming more comfortable with everything not looking on the outside the way I want it to, as .long as everything on the inside is functioning the way it is suppose to. I see a thriving business that god has blessed and created a place for my husband and I to work together. I see our daughter who seems to grow closer to her relationship with god everyday. A little girl who is thrilled and excited about god. I see my relationships with family members outside my home getting stronger and closer. And yes what god is doing in my life is brilliant. Even the mess I see sometimes when I look around my home is all a prt of that brilliance. It is a brilliant mess because it is not without purpose. Cheers to the brilliant mess that is my life. Do not look at things as the world looks at things or evaluate things by the worlds standards. God only works in brilliant ways and if he is working in your life, if you look a little deeper you will see how brilliant your life really is.

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