Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The need to blog

When I started this blog, it was suppose to be "my space". My specifically, my therapeutic space.I very seldomky give myself this time. I do my devotional and rush off to start my day. Without this space I often time neglect the deep reflection I need to keep things in perspective. It is very easy to loose yourself in motherhood when u have alike one home with u. Yet I know Noah is exactly where she is suppose to be. My devotional time with God has been rich and full of wisdom, strength and peace. God is helping me to know what I need and when I need it. As a mom and wife u cannot get caught up in thinking that u need certain things all time. I try to stY away from advice that says things like " I need 1 day a month to myself". While I do think there are those time where you need that "me time". I think we are all different and I also think God let's u known what u need to be refreshed and how often we need it. By nature I think a lot of us want to put things in a system. Or when we do something and it really works wonders in our lives we tend ton feel like we need it all the time or on a regular basis. I am finding that is not is not how God dire ts and guides me. I am also learning that, while children take upna huge space in my thoughts and concerns. There Re days where I need to give my mind a break from those thoughts and concerns and focus on other things. The needs of children can easily overwhelm and take over and they will always be there and there are times some of those needs aphave to go unmet for your own spiritual and emotional health.

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