Monday, July 9, 2012

Christ among us

Random definition - The amplified bible defines maturity of character as "approved faith and tried integrity".

Divinity on earth intrigues me and that was Jesus.  He walked here among us.  Emanuel, God with us.  Wow, for God to desire to be so close to us.  See in the world "royalty" if you will, is separated from the "common" folk.  They don't walk among us.  If they do, it's only with individuals of a certain status.  But royalty at it's best, the King of Kings did not chose to walk with those of high status when He walked the streets of this earth, no, He choose to walk with the lowliest of lowlies.  The sinners.  Yes, He spoke in the synagogue but he also spoke in homes, outside on mountaintops.  He delivered those around Him from disease, broken heartedness, debilatation, and even the storms that pop up in life.  He made sure those following Him were fed to the full.  Why did people follow Him all day long into the night.  Because they didn't want to miss anything He had to say.  Oh that we would be that way today.  Oh that in our busy lives, we would constantly be tugging at Jesus's hem, to get something from Him.  Healing, encouragement, teaching.  Whatever He has to give me, I want it!  I don't want to miss it.  I've heard the saying if you want something from the Lord come empty, not full.  If you want God to use your pastor mightily, come to church with expectation.  I love to watch people being used by God.  I love seeing others excited about God in wisdom and truth.  Experiencing God using other is a huge reminder to me that he lives.  He lives through you and me.  In order to walk this earth, Jesus had to take on a body.  The gospel of John said the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.  Even today Jesus needs a body to walk among us.  That body is the body of Christ, He does it through the Holy Spirit that lives in each and every believer.

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