Friday, August 24, 2012

A critical spirit

I felt like the Lord placed 2 things on my heart yesterday.  I heard the following statement:  "Start living your life again"  then I felt the Lord dealing with me about a critical spirit.  It shows me that the Lord doesn't desire to put our lives on hold while He fixes us, but He desires to work in our lives in the different areas of weakness as He continues to bless us and use us in mighty ways for His kingdom.  Sometimes I let my flaws stop me in my tracks.  When my weaknesses show through I get embarrased and I also feel like God might not use me as a result or that God might not want to hear or answer my prayers.  But God is not like that.  He is not critical in that way of us.  The bible says that "He knows our frame and He remembers that we are dust".  But sometimes I think that when we are critical of ourselves, it means we somehow think that we are capable on our own of doing the things we need to do.  We are not, we need God to help us, His strength is made perfect in weakness.  I believe that when we come to the true knowledge of how helpless we really are without God the critical spirit can be broken.  We we realize, I mean REALLY realize "apart from Him we can do nothing".  Sometimes we know it in our minds but we don't really believe it in our hearts because we are still striving to be something we just can't be apart from God.  God does not want us to be uptight do-gooders.  He simple wants us to rest and rely on Him.  Rest and Rely.  If at anytime in our Christian walk the enemy tries to plague us with guilt for not being perfect or doing everything that's right, we should remembe to "rest and rely" on God.  Rest in Him while you wait on your change, because it's coming.  Rely on Him to change you from the inside out because He will do it.  REST AND RELY!

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