Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Consider my ways????

My minister shared a scripture with me last night.  Haggai 1:5-11.  God has really been using her to speak to my life.  See that is the great thing about God; He speaks to your life.  Matter-a-fact I'll go one better; He speaks life into your life.  Because sometimes your very life is in fact "dead". What stood out to me in those scripture is God asking me to "Consider my ways." and God saying "Build the temple that I may take pleasure in it and be glorified."  So I have to ask God "Am I not doing that???"If I'm not buidling the temple, what am I doing?  Am I building something else?  Something that God does not take pleasure in, something that will not glorify Him? Sure I have alot of responsibilities being the mother of 2 young children and a wife to a great husband.  We also have a thriving business.  But what's missing with what I'm doing and how I'm doing it? I heard a song today; "Speak Lord", as I listened to that song I asked myself do I enjoy hearing God's voice anymore.  Do I seek God's voice?  Now I remember how I loved to hear a word from the Lord.  I just needed to hear His voice.  His voice was the source of my joy and happiness.  His voice was my everything. I could take His voice, and chew on it all day.  It would keep me satisfied.  With all that considered I ask again: "Do I hunger for His voice"  The answer is a sad "no".  It's a confession.  So I ask God forgiveness and I ask Him to place a renewed hunger in me to hear His voice.  A hunger where I just love to hear His voice, no matter what He says; Just happy it's Him.  I pray that while I'm taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, doing my work and spending time with my husband that I would be enjoying my eagerness to meet with Him.  I pray that I would run to my quiet place to be with Him at the end of the night, just to hear His voice.  I pray that I would allow His words to fill me and satisfy me.  I use to love the Word.  I would bathe in His word.  It was good and still is.  I wanna be rich Lord!

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