Monday, August 20, 2012

How jealous is God?

As a woman I love for the man I love to want me all to himself.  It makes me feel good.  Well, the bible says that God wants us for Himself.  The bible says He is a jealous God.  In the bible God takes out whole nations for the sake of His people.  This is whom we call "Father".  Often times in the world we turn to worldly things to satisfy us and God, the Father wants us to turn to Him and only Him.  Really, it's only Him that can truely satisfy.  Jesus said that those who come to Him will never hunger and those who believe in Him will never thirst.  God also wants to be our ultimate companion.  Since becoming a mom and a wife, I have found out that God has a unique way that He wants our family to conduct our lives, and that requires me to walk alone with Him as times.  I realize I need that, but it's uncomfortable for me.  There is a quiet around me that I've never really been use to.  But I think God really craves those opportunities to walk alone with me.  It is so easy to rely on the "noise" and activity in your life.  Like with newborns, white noise machines are so popular because the baby is so use to the noise in the womb, experts say that silence can be rather disturbing for them.  Sometimes I think it is the same way with adults. We get so use to the "noise" in our lives, the quiet that comes from God at times can be almost disturbing.  We shouldn't need "noise" in our lives in order to feel secure.  We cannot become restless when God invites us into His eternal rest. 

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