Friday, August 3, 2012


As a mom to 2 young children and a wife I am definitely learning that there will not be much joy in life if the source of your joy does not reside within you.  If your joy depends upon what you are doing and what your circumstances are at any given time, chances are, you are a very unhappy person.  Our pastor talked about 2 scriptures that caught me attention from Wed bible study.  It is giving me something to meditate on in terms of finding my source of joy in the right places instead of in the wrong places.  Psalm 1 says that the man who is blessed delights himself in the law of the Lord.  Now the word delight indicates happiness, joy, satisfaction, deep contentment.  In Luke 17:21 Jesus says "the kingdom of God is within you".

What must we do to have true joy in the mundaneness of everyday life.  Study the word of God to give you delight and realize that every blessing in the Kingdom of God resides in you.  Jesus expresses His life through his followers.  Don't look for your children, your spouse, material things, your work, or your friends to make you happy.  Look to the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night.  See that's what you have to do to start delighting in it.  It's not gonna just happen.  The bible says you have to meditate on it day and night. 

Don't look at the Kingdom of God as a destination, it resides in you.  That means your power, your healing, your strength, your peace, self-control, love, longsuffering............etc.  Everything you need to be more than a conquerer in this life is already in you.  Just yield to Jesus and the Holy spirit so He can express His life through you.  Lean on Him as you go about the work of your day.  Remember leaning doesn't mean to stop work.  It is a posture that you remain in as you work.  Be Blessed!!!

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