Monday, August 27, 2012

The chastisement for our peace

Something about sharing the gospel of Christ, causes you to relive your salvation experience all over again.  Something about sharing the gospel causes you to see all over again the amazing work of the cross.  Something about sharing the Gospel causes you to see how awesome God is.  One thing I was reminded of this morning is that Christ also died for us to have peace in a chaotic world.  The bible says that "the chastisment for our peace was upon Him".  Many times I trade in the peace that Christ has given me for the stresses of the world.  Why would I do that after the price He paid for it?  Christ paid a great cost for our peace and we should take full advantage of it.  Stress is cheap and profits nothing.  Why trade something so costly for something that is so cheap.  I'm praying for myself that I can go through this day holding on to the peace that Christ gave me and not trading it for some cheap, useless stress. 

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