Monday, August 20, 2012

What you thought you wanted. What you didn't know that you had.

As I have started focusing on some goals and desires God has placed on my heart, there is something that has resonated with me.  Could there be a strength a gift that God would reveal to me that I didn't know I had.  Sometimes in our own worldly knowledge we might think we know who we are in Christ.  But God says I know you thought "such and such" but this is who you really are.  What if God could suprise you with some delightful discoveries about yourself that would allow you to walk and govern yourself more freely as a follower of Christ.  There are some certain tasks that give me great joy but I don't think I'm very good at them.  Here is a small example.  Math has always been my favorite subject, but it also been my weakest subject.  I love finding systematic ways to solve problems but I don't feel like I live my life in a very systematic way.  Another thing is that I have always felt so fulfilled after cooking an enjoyable meal at my home for someone else, whether it be family, friends, or strangers.  I feel so full after I do something like that, and I'm not talking about my appetite (lol).  I feel like I have walked so strongly in God's design for my life in those situations.  Another thing I love is watching others walk in God's purpose for their life, I love seeing how God has gifted them and I thourouly enjoy those gifts.  Something about seeing God's hand clearly in somebody else's like makes me so happy and strengthens my faith.  Conveying God's wisdom to others is also something that I get so much enjoyment out of.  His wisdom is so amazing, special and a treasure to me.  His wisdom has helped me heal my children, it has helped me find solutions to everyday problems.  His wisdom can take something that would seem complicated to someone else and convey the answer to you in the simplest of forms. 

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