Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Make room for God, He will provide

God has the blueprint for your life.  He knows how it needs to be built.  Just as he gave Moses and the people of Isreal the instuctions on how to build His temple.  God was very detailed and specific in these instructions.  He is the same way about the blueprint for our lives.  He has it planned out and knows what it should look like all the way down to the smallest most minute details. This is ministering to me right now as I type.  Living out our destiny in the Lord has implications for every part of our lives.  Because each person has a different destiny, our lives are obviously going to function differently.  I can't look to other people to tell me how my living out my calling is going to make the rest of my life look.  I think up until this point it has scared me.  It has scared me to shift my focus from some things that I have been focused on for the passed 5 years.  As God is opening up doors for me to minister to others, I realize some things have got to be put aside.  I'm not a superwoman, there is no such woman and we cannot do it all even though we would like to.  I'm realizing that this is the time and the season where God is asking me are you ready to make room in your life.  Ministry cannot birth in your life if there is no room for it.  God is showing me that I have to make room in my life for what He wants to do with my life.  I have to make room in my life for what He wants to to in my life. Anybody know that it is hard to manuever in a crowded room.  Well, it is hard for the Holy Spirit to manuever in a life that is too crowded with other things.  Just the same, God cannot expand your ministry if your life is crowded with too many things because you can't manuever that way He needs you to.  My daily to do list seems to have tripled since moving to our new home in VA and now I sense God restoring and encouraging me in ministry.  I am ready for that shift.  But with a daily to do list a mile high, some things are going to have to be sacrificed.  All the things that I have on that daily to-do list are very important to my role as a homemaker and helpmeet.  But what comes to mind is when Abraham sacrificed Isaac.  Isaac was very important, goodness it was through Isaac, Abraham's seed, that all the nations would be blessed.  Abraham knew this when He was willing to sacrifice him because God told Him too.  However, God sent an angel to Abraham to stop him and then provided the sacrifice.  God provided.  When God calls you to do something and you already have a mile-high list of things to do on a daily basis, if you are willing to sacrifice what's necessary to obey God, He will provide.  As a wife when it comes to responsibilitites such as cleaning house and things like that, I have seen God do through me in a couple hours, tasks that would take me days to do if I'm in my own strength.  God will multiply the little things you do and the time that you have in order to do great things in and outside our homes. 

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