Saturday, September 15, 2012

Miracles on my mind.

Why did Jesus perform miracles?  It seemed to be a major instrument in His ministry.  That gives me chills.  I would define miracles as something no man could ever do.  Like no man could ever feed thousands of people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish; and have leftovers.  No man could ever turn water into wine.  No man could take a blind man and make him see.  Jesus did countless other miracles.  I just have to ask "Why Jesus, what did you want us to take from the working of miracles?"  Miracles are amazing and exciting but there is something else, I know it is.  What does the performing of miracles do for our faith.  I have miracles on my mind and I want to pray for some miracles for people this week.  I wanna do this not because I need some excitement in my life but I wanna know and see how miracles bring glory to God.  I wanna know How God desires to use miracles in the lives of believers today.  I want to learn something new about God in this area, about Who He is and what He wants our mindset to be in this area.  Deep in my heart I think many of us lead a boxed in life when it comes to this area.  Myself included.  I just think we box God in alot.  I believe some of us have done it for so long we don't ever realize we are doing it.  I can't speak for everybody but I have a heart that desires great things in my life, I want action, adventure, and big risks to take in living a life for Jesus.  I wanna put myself out there and say "God whatever you wanna do, God use me, God use me". 

Does there have to be a problem or something wrong with you for God to perform a miracle in your life.  I don't think so.  God loves to show us who He is, His power, strength, and glory.  There is a quote from one of my favorite books that says "Nature is not primarily functional. It is primarily beautiful.  In the world we live in, we evaluate and analyze way too much.  Use men as a example.  Men love to be strong on our behalf.  Most good men, love to provide beautiful, nice things for their wife and loved ones.  It's not because we've been so great to deserve these things.  They do it because it's a part of their nature.  They do it because of the fulfillment it gives to them.  They get that from God.  God wants to show Himself strong on our behalf just because it's a part of His nature.  He performs miracles to show us how great He is. Miracles have everything to do with Who God is and nothing to do with anything we have done.

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