Thursday, September 13, 2012


This morning I was ready to start doing invoices which I have fallen a great deal behind on, when I hear God say "Start the day with me".  I say "I really need to do the invoices, remember I started the day with You when I listened to the scriptures on that t.v. show this morning".  I still hear God say "Start the day with me".  So hear I am starting the day with God.  This morning I was starting out the day looking at my house, my work, my day wondering how I was ever going to do it. I was looking at how untogether my house was, I was looking at the invoices that I must catch up on, I was looking at the appointment my husband and I have with next day blinds at our house at 10am.  I was looking at all these things instead of looking at Jesus.  When we wake up in the morning, what we look at has a huge impact on how our day is going to unfold.  It's almost predictable.  I am reminded of Peter walking on water.  The bible says in Matthew 14:30 that as soon as Peter saw that "the wind was boisterous" he started to sink. I wonder if Peter would have started to sink if he kept his eyes on Jesus?  I don't think we can sink if we keep our eyes on Jesus.  I think all things are possible if we keep our eyes on Jesus.  I know that sometimes you feel like if you don't focus on all the other things in your life something might fall through the cracks.  But Jesus will not let your life fall through the cracks if you keep your eyes on Him.  If you keep your eyes on Jesus your life can be bigger and more exciting then you could every imagine.  The eyes and the ears are so essential to living a successful life with God. Don't focus on the tasks at hand focus on Jesus.  Cover each task of the day in prayer before you begin so instead of your hands being on it, the hand of the Lord will be on it and bless it.

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