Monday, September 17, 2012

When ministry invades

If you are like me, there are some things you have been praying to take place in your life.   My question to you is, what are you going to do when those things start to come to pass.  Do you think it's going to be convenient when God actually starts answering the desires of your heart?  Do you think your going to be able to tell God "I want that, but not yet"?   Trust me on this, when God starts answering your prayers, it will not be at a convenient time or season in your life.  Lemme say this one again, "it will not be in a convenient season in your life".  You know how people say "Watch what you pray for".  Well,  there are some things I noticed about how God has designed me and what that means for my purpose in my home and outside my home.  Based on that I have been praying for a long time about how I would like to see my life unfold.  These prayers have been based on God's revealed purpose for my life.  I have desparately wanted some things in my life.  God is starting to move on those prayers, and I almost closed the door on a work God is beginning in my life, because "I'm thinking, it's not a good time".  But God reminded me of what I have been praying for.  God's blessings are never convenient and that is so we continue to have to rely on Him in the midst of Him blessing us.  Lemme say this again, God's blessings are never convenient "this is so we have to continue to rely on Him in the midst of Him blessing us"

Oh my gosh, this just hit me "Don't be scared of your design".  Oh my gosh, God is speaking to me "Don't be scared of your design". 

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