Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Don't let the enemy....

Don't let the enemy still your power!  Don't let the enemy still your authority!  The bible says that the devil comes to steal, kill, and to destroy.  He is the enemy of your soul.  But God is the lover of your soul.  Hallelujah!  This past week God confirmed some things in me.  He re-affirmed my posture in the kingdom, letting me know that what I had learned over the years was something I needed to continue to stand on and it is all a part of maturity. He also confirmed His discernment that lives in me and my ability to exercise it.  He showed me that things that I thought I was seeing in certain people were not just a figment of my own thoughts, but rather something He was showing me.  He is confirming the role I play in the lives of those around me.  There is so much that got confirmed for me between last week and this Sunday and then BOOM!  I was going to meet a girlfriend of mine whom I love and hadn't seen in so long and I got in the parking lot and dented my truck, I hit something.  It was almost like it came out of the blue.  The significant thing about this is that being careless with my vehicles is something that was a part of when I was young, as a teenager I got in quite a few fender benders.  Then after I got saved I prayed alot about my driving and protection and being cautious and the Lord delivered me.  Recently in the past 2 years, this has started again.  But I haven't been careless or reckless, nothing like when I was younger.  But I really think God wants me to start praying about this again.  In addition, what happened this Sunday was very different.  The timing made it different, the oddity of the whole thing made it different.  The devil has been trying to use it against me ever since it happened.  He has been trying to steal the seed of my maturity in the Lord.  He is using it to try to convince me that I'm that reckless little girl that I use to be so long ago.  See, truth be told, people would trust me as a teenager with their homes, with their children; their most prized possessions, but not with their vehicles.  I just have to be real!  The devil is trying to take me back to that.  He is trying to make me think I'm still that reckless little girl, simply because he wants me to shrink back from all the Lord confirmed in me this week.  See, I am a mature, powerful, annointed Christian and I am not irresponsible.  I am very responsible.  I know the enemy doesn't want me to speak this.  See if the enemy can make you believe that you haven't changed and that you are the same person that you were in your past, then he can strip you of the power and authority that is from God in our Lord Jesus Christ.  If the enemy can make you believe that you haven't changed and that you are the same person you were in your past He robs you of the power of the cross.  If the enemy can make you believe that  you haven't changed and you the same person you were in your past you will start to believe it yourself and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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