Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There are times when God quiets you soul, slows your pace. I did not blog yesterday because God did that to me yesterday and I did not have anything to blog about.  However, I was invited to a women's conference yesterday and I knew God wanted me there.  If God would not have quieted me down earlier I might not have been able to discern that I needed to say "yes" to that invitation.  I would of had too much going on.  There was one reason I believe that God wanted me to go to the conference, to bring back to memory an experience I had and remind me how important it is to speak the word of God to your situations and circumstances.

In the past I had recurring dreams that I experienced from the time I was young well into adulthood.  What was vividly brought back to my memory last night was something I had forgot, I mean completely gone from my mind.  Some months after I got saved I started having a dream.  I would be in my house and something is chasing me up the stairs in the dark and when I try to scream for help, nothing comes out.  So I literally can't scream.  Nothing comes out.  I had this dream like 3 nights in a row.  God placed it in my spirit that I needed to confess the word of God next time and there were specific scriptures that He showed me.  When I found myself in thast exact same dream again, I screamed out scripture and I had a voice again. 

Then today I saw something from Joseph Prince talking about confessing what you believe, in Christ Jesus and he spoke about how important it is to speak what you believe.  Matter-a-fact he said speaking it is even more important than believing it. 

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