Monday, October 29, 2012

Women need close female friendships

Satan has worked very hard to produce shame in our lives.  This shame keeps us from making a difference in the lives of others, this shame keeps us from developing meaningful friendships, this shame keeps us from experiencing the type of intimacy that makes us feel free and loved.   Women particularly have suffered in this area.  God created us to relate to others.  It's one of our purposes on this earth.  See man was put here first and he was by himself, but God created woman not only for the purpose of relationship, but by design we have never known anything else.  Women need close friendships.  We need these friendships to grow in our relationship with God, we need these friendships to be healed from diseases, and we need them to break unhealthy behavior patterns in our lives.

One of Satans specific missions is to keep women apart.  Why do you think women are too busy to nurture friendships anymore.  Satan uses our jobs, our family responsibilities, all types of things to keep us from connecting with one another.  He uses the "necessary" things in our lives to give us an excuse to not nurture our friendships, when really our friendships need to be one of those necessary things.

Here is a good one that Satan uses on single women: "I can't be friends with women".  how foolish does that sound?  A woman saying "I can't be friends with other women"! The devil is a liar and that is one of his lies.  I use to say that.  Women all over the world are being robbed of something they need desparately because of this lie. Satan told you you can't be friends with other women because HE HATES YOU!  SATAN HATES YOU AND WANTS TO DESTROY YOU!

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