Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quiet seasons of ministry

The various statements that I have been hearing in my spirit lately. 
1.  Whatever you put out there for the Lord, put it out there and leave it alone.  God has always taught me to keep my hands off of His stuff.  If I want God to get the glory, I have to keep my flesh off His stuff.
2.  Don't worry about getting a response from people, focus on the response from God.  As a writer on this blog, it is easy for me to get discouraged because people don't comment or respond.  It is easy to fall into thinking it doesn't matter.  But I know God called me to do this.  Matter-a-fact, just today I was saying to myself "I think I'm going to take a break from the blog".  This statement leads me to my 3rd point.
3.  If you can't do it when nobody is listening, then you can't do it when billions of people are listening.
I have been talking about King David lately.  When David was keeping the sheep and nobody was watching, he let the Lord fight His battles.  He did not run from the bear or the lion, when nobody was looking.  He sure enough wasn't going to run when the whole army of Isreal was looking on.  God expects us to confront our battles in secret, and then He expects us to do the same in the public eye.  What you do when nobody is looking is the deciding factor on what God will do through you when everybody is looking.  I have often times heard Pastor's say that God had them preach to an almost empty church for a long time, before God started to add to that church.  What if a pastor said on Sunday "Oh, I'm not going to go to church and preach today, it's only 2 people there anyway".  What you do with 2 people, shows God what you would do with 2 million people.  How you act with 2 people shows God how you would act with 2 million people.  How you love 2 people, shows God how you will love 2 million people.  We have a tendency to want to get bored.  Boredom destroys relationships.  People who allow themselves to get "bored" in their marriage are sure to wonder eventrually.  It's the same with our relationship with God, if you allow yourself to get bored with your relationship with Him, then you are sure to wonder off to other things to seek fulfillment.  So please don't have a "It was fun while it lasted" mentality towards God or ministry.  I believe there are many who wonder away from powerful annointed ministries because they allowed themselves to get bored.  Affirm yourself in the calling that God has placed upon your life.    Another thing I sensed in my spirit is that I should not be the type of person that always needs people egging them on.  Anybody can move forward when people are constantly encouraging them and affirming them, but God wants people who can move forward when there is silence.   

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