Friday, November 30, 2012

from striving to rest

I have a big birthday party going on tomorrow with about 30 people coming.  My house is not in shape for it, I haven't bought the ingredients for the dishes I'm making yet, but I'm relaxed.  You know why?  Because I crossed over yesterday.  If you have been reading my posts, you know that yesterday I spoke about the spirit of Striving.  I spoke about resting in the Lord, and I spoke about needing to be in a posture of rest to find grace.  I have been back and forth with this for years.  Always going back and forth between "striving" and "rest".  But something tells me I have reached a time in my life where I have to lean on grace and I can't go back to striving.  I just sense something telling me that at this point I don't have a choice.  Everything that I want to has to be comctedpletely reliant on God's grace provision. Hallelujah!  Onward and upward I go.

It is my believe that this blog is only scratching the surface of what God wants to do.  As I do my blog I never feel like I can go as deep as I want to with the word of God, it's just too much.  I feel somehow restricted in conveying the truths that I really want to convey.  I scratch the surface of the things that God shows me and that's it.

But in order to go beyond that, I really have to start relying on His grace completely.  I just think, how much more I could do and accomplish if I would just rely on God's grace instead of my own striving with the energy and the time I have.  Sure, it can make you a little nervous.  But you have to believe that the Lord will not disappoint you when you trust.  He will not let you down.  I've crossed over from striving to rest and I'm not going back!

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