Saturday, January 26, 2013

A heart like yours

This year God has shown me the importance of lining ourselves up with kindred spirits.  People who have the same heart as us.  This year God has been taking things I've believed in my heart for years and lined me up with people who are giving those things a voice.  I've had many moments this year where somebody has said something and I've been like , "oh my gosh, that's what I've believed for years", but I never said it.  Sometimes we believe certain things in faith and we are not sure if those things are coming from God, so we stay quiet.  It's an amazing thing when a leader in the Christian community, people that you don't even know, start giving a voice to the things that you have believed deep in your heart for so long.  I'm talking about deep rooted beliefs.  That's been happening to me.  Now it's happening with my family and my home.  Things I've wanted for my family and home, the way that I want us to live, I didn't know if it was attainable, but God has once again aligned me up with somebody that I've never even met to say to me "Yes, this is attainable".  Pray for likeminded people to be positioned around you.  Pray for God to give a voice to your deep rooted beliefs through other people.  When that happens it makes everything you have been thinking and believing God for, it makes it all real in your life!!!

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