Sunday, January 20, 2013

Don't be afraid to be poured out for the right things

Being excited about the things that drain you.  Lord knows I have alot on my plate, and alot I want to do.  But the prospect of it all is very exciting to me.  I have a 8 month old baby boy and a 5 year old daughter.  Both of them are home with me, my baby boy all day and my daughter from 12:30 when she gets out of pre-K.  Plus I run a business with my husband.  I have a couple other things that God has called me to do as well outside of those things.  These are all very good things, Praise God.  Yesterday opened my eyes to something.  Yesterday morning as soon as we got up, I took my daughter out to breakfast, just me and her for the first time since my son was born.  Than after my son went to bed, my daughter and I stayed up an hour after her bedtime, snuggled up on the couch to watch her shows.  Adding these things to my day was difficult and required some sacrifice, but the Lord has shown me that these are the types of things my daughter needs right now, and it felt good to do it.  I was so tired while watching her shows with her last night, because I'm still up at night with my 8 month old, but it was so worth it.  Sacrificing time and energy on something of your own making does not make a lasting difference in anyone's life and is not worth the sacrifice, but when you allow the things in your life to be of the Lord's making, you start getting happy about pouring yourself out on a daily basis, praise God.  Let Him Lead

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