Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Don't miss your moment!

We all know life can be mundane.  Repitition and routine is good!  Perservering in the mundane is good!  Eventually you will look up and realize your moment has come!  What do I mean?  Well,  you have nurtured life all around you for many years, you have encouraged people in their dreams and goals.  You have listened and offered guidance.  You have celebrated with others in their moments.  You have been excited for others.  But there comes a time where God says "It's your turn".  It's time for others to nurture your dreams, it's time for others to offer their insight to you and help guide you, it's time for people to celebrate and become excited for you.  Over the years you have sat in a certain role in the lives of others and to transition to another seat, if you will, can cause guilt, don't let it!  You might be tempted to feel guilty about others sitting in a position that you use to sit in.  But the Holy Spirit tells me "Enjoy it".  Ask God to surround you with people who want to encourage you, listen to you and celebrate with you and "enjoy it".  I just got off the phone with my loving cousin and she has so much going on already, but God used her to birth something in me and I know for a fact that she has the insight to guide me in it.  I just bombarded her with the steps that I was taking thus far in my new endeaver.  I felt guilty because I'm so use to asking others about their lives and focusing on what their doing, not use to focusing on what I'm doing.  But God says "enjoy this time".  Most of life is a valley experience, so when you are having mountaintop experiences, you have to enjoy them!  When God does something in your life where He is like "ok, I know you have been siting in this particular seat in the lives of others for a long time, but I want you to change your seat right now and sit over here instead"  don't feel bad about that.  When God changes where you sit, you get to view the world around you and the people from a different perspective; and the world gets to view you from a different perspective.  You'll also notice  that as you change seats, the positioning of the people around you automatically shifts, because you shifted.  Be mindful of the shifting, because it speaks of the roles the people play in your life during this particular season.

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