Thursday, January 10, 2013

Raising better children

What do we see going on in society right now?  I say this all the time, the devil hates you and He hates  your children.  There is an underlying issue in this generation right now when it comes to the purpose of "The Home".  All the responsibilities towards children in the home are now being passed off to schools, doctors, and the government.  But it's not the parents that are initiating this shift.  Satan uses the government to say "They know what's best for our kids" and this agenda trickles down into schools and the healthcare system.  At the government level it starts at policies, policies where things are forced on our kids without parents having any say.  Policies that say "We are creating a better future for our children".  Then we have teachers and doctors that are taught to think a certain way when it comes to these policies.  They are almost like robots for the government.  Satan wants you to trust the government with yout kids, Satan wants  you to trust the school with your children, he wants you to trust doctors with your kids.  He is happy with you trusting anybody but God to give you wisdom on how to raise your children and what  your children need.  There are policies trickling down from the highest levels in government that are robbing parents of their power and authority in the lives of their children and we don't even know it.  They send a message that says "I know what your children need better than you" and we believe it.  So we start relinquishing our own power and influence in our children's life.  This attitude is producing kids, who will grow into adults that don't know how to handle all the resentment and anger they have because their needs never got met in their home when they were growing up.  Don't you dare think that can't happen to your child.  It absolutly can.  Don't you dare think that your child cannot grow into the adult that goes and shoots up a classroom full of 5 yr olds.  It could be your child, it could be mine if I choose not to be the parent that they need me to be, if I choose to let the government, the schoolhouse, and the doctors to parent them.  I haven't spoken this way in a long time, and I know people don't want to hear this.  But I have to say it for myself annd every parent who loves their children.  You want to know how to stop some of this senseless violence, it starts at home with our own children.  It starts by taking our authority back as parents.  It starts at home and if you wanna be the major influence in the life of your child, you are going to have to make the sacrifices that are necessary at home

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