Friday, January 4, 2013

Unique messages for you

What do you need to fill your ears with during this season of your life?

I truly believe that God has specific message for certain seasons of your life.  It's important to know what the nature of those messages are and to not cloud your vision with other messages.

For the last 4 months or so, God has been leading me to constantly listen to messages on grace, rest, wisdom and faith.  The messages He has been leading me to, do not focus on works or obedience, but rather on God's love and grace.  Not to say that messages on obedience and your works don't have their place, but right now God has not given those types of sermons a place in my life.  So I have had to purposely avoid listening to certain teachers of God's word and I have had to be very careful about taking in messages for the lives of others and making them my own.  It's very important to know what God wants to talk to you about right now in your life and allow Him to soak your life with what He wants for you right now, don't allow messages in that are not focused on where God has you focused to come in.  Very important, very important.

Another real important point that I am battling with right now, is not to live out past glories in my present life.  Don't try to be the person you were 3 years ago, no matter how many good things you were doing back then.  Lemme give a very real example.  I have an 8 month old son and a 5 year old daughter.  Before my son was born, when my daughter was younger I was very into doing planned out education actitivites with her at home.  I mean I would plan at least 1 hour worth of planned activities, a day, where she would do  crafts, and other manipulatives to teach her letters and numbers. Even as a baby I had her in little gym classes, I did mommy and me stuff, I was in MOPS, playgroups you name it.  She had a lot of structure.  Well, recently God keeps telling me not to try to be the mother that I was with one kid, with 2 kids.   You are trying to be somebody who had one child, that person is not going to work with 2 kids.  He almost presents it to me like it's 2 different people.  "Don't try to be the mother that you were with one child".  The hard but blessed thing about that, is that it's like starting all over.  Because you are like "Well, what kind of mother should I be?  I only know what i was.  I don't know anything else."  Praise God, because He can show you exactly who you are suppose to be in this season of your life, step by step, day by day.  As situations and circumstances change in your life, you absolutely cannot continue being the same person.  You can't hold on to who you were, because God wants to change  you from glory to glory.  Every season of your life is rich with blessings, but only the new person can receive them.  These blessing are not for the person you were, they are for the person that God is producing for this season of your life.  He has something for you that only a certain caliber of person can receive, and God is transforming you into that person. 

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