Friday, January 11, 2013

When God Calls.......

You can't ignore the messages that God sends your way.  They mean something.  Do you ever ask yourself "What if this really means something specific for me?".  I believe the Holy Spirit planted an idea if you will in my heart, something for me to start, a group.  As soon as the Holy Spirit suggested this 'idea for a group".  I was excited, I received it, but then the battle started.  You gotta know, that when God puts it in your spirit to do something, the enemy is going to come at you with every excuse in the book why you shouldn't.  He is going to suggest that it's not necessary, he is going to point out how dificult the process is going to be, he will definitely point you to your past failures.  But the great thing about this process, is that it's confirmation that what you received is really from God.  Our head gets filled with ideas everyday and not all of them are from God.  Well, when you have it in your heart to begin something new in your life, if you don't sense or hear any opposition going on in your mind, then it might not be from God.  But when there is a very real "voice" of opposition that pops up, that's a good indicator that God is leading you.  Even though we can't see Satan, we can hear him.  Normally Satan's voice is not audible, but somehow we hear him.  Just like we normally we don't hear the Holy Spirit in an audible voice, but somehow we hear Him.  Be really sensitive to the non-audible voice of Satan.  Satan will only start opposing you when it's something from God.  He is ultimately opposing God.  He just does it through us.  Even as Satan opposes you, somehow there is a settling in your gut that you know, what God has spoken to your spirit will be done.  Lemme tell you what happened to me.  The day I got this idea to start this special group, that same night I went to do my devotional and the scripture verse was

Judges 6:16

16 And the Lord said to him, “Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man.”

The Lord was saying this to Gideon.  Gideon lived with alot of fear and he saw himself as the weakest man in Israel.   I don't believe God would give me this scripture on this particular day by accident.  I believe He was building me up to do what He is calling me to do.  I'm going to read the story of Gideon right now, because God has something for me in it.  Maybe He has something for you to. Maybe you have been called to do something and the enemy is making you feel like it's either too insignificant or to big for you to accomplish.  Maybe the enemy is telling you that you are not smart enough.  Maybe he is telling you that you have never done anything like this before, or maybe he is reminding you of the times where you thought about this before and you never did anything, or you did something and nothing came of it.  Beloved, whatever the enemy is saying to you right now is a lie to keep you out of God's purpose.  There are many times where we hear the enemy opposing us but we think it's just our own thought process.  No, you don't want to adopt the enemy's thoughts as your thoughts.  When you are getting ready to move forward in something and you sense opposing, degrading, thoughts that remind you of how inadequate you are, stop for a second and realize "this is not me, this is the devil".  Once you realize that, you are in a position to resist him, and he will flee from you.  Once you realize that, it also puts you in a position to keep God's thoughts in your head instead of the devil's thoughts.  At that point you will move forward in what God has called you to do

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