Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get revived, get nourished....

Over the last couple weeks, the scripture that has been on my heart is Proverbs 13:12:  "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when a desire comes it's a tree of life".

I get so much joy watch people live out their dreams and purposes in their lives, it's my calling to be an audience to this, but it's happening in my life right now as well.  After years and years of waiting and allowing God to work in me, He has brought me to my desires.  Wow!  My dreams are coming true right now.  I want to say again, when God starts causing the things you have always hoped and dreamed about to come to pass, it's not convenient.  It doesn't come at convenient times, but that's because God wants you to lean on Him as you are living out your dreams.  I want to encourage you that when a desire that you have been dreaming about and hoping for comes, don't put it off because it's not convenient.  That desire is what God is going to use to revive you and nourish you.  I looked up the Hebrew meaning of the word "life" as it's used in Proverbs 3:12 and it means to revive, nourish, preserve, sustain, surely make whole.  Those are just a couple of the definitions listed.  But all point to the abundant life that Jesus promised.  Your dreams may start coming true at inconvenient times in your life but that's the very thing that God is going to use to revive you, nourish you, to sustain you, to make you whole............. But here's the thing, don't get stressed out about it and don't try to take over.  Lean into God and enjoy it.  So many times when we start walking in our dreams and destinies we get stressed out because at some point we decided to lean on ourselves instead of on God.  We start eating from the "Tree of Knowledge"  our own knowledge, our own understanding instead of eating from the tree of life, which has nothing to do with what we know but everything to do with Who we know and that is Jesus Christ, He is the bread of life.  If you wanna see doors open, it's all about Who you know and you only need to know one person,  that is Jesus Christ.  God Bless


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