Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lets have coffee together....

It would be my hope that a woman is somewhere reading this with a cup of coffee in her hand with some soft music playing and quiet all around her.  Time to just be a woman of God.  One of the major things I've learned about being a mother is that you need to carve out time to just be a woman.  To do what women do (makeup, hair, chatting at a coffee shop, going out to dinner, manicures, pedicures)  As women we need each other and we need things in our lives that make us feel like the women God created us to be.  There is not too much written in the bible about being a woman.  I think you see alot about being a man.

Maybe it's not so much that it's not there, but we don't realize how it's packaged.  I believe it's much wisdom about being a woman in the bible.  Lets start with Genesis.

When Adam was created there was no other human being there, it was just him and God.  Adam had a job, he named the animals, and he had his relationship with God.  But God said, it is not good for man to be alone.  Wow, God said something is not good.  He said "it is not good for man to be alone".  So wait, Adam did not complain about being alone, He did not ask God for a woman.  He was not necessarily seeking out that companionship,  but God..........................saw that he needed fellowship with someone like him, but not exactly like him. Someone who complimented him and could help him.  What did God do?  He created Eve.  He created the woman.  When the woman was created, there was someone else there to have fellowship with.  The woman was created to give company and was created with company already there for her.  I'm gonna stop right there for today.

As women one of our first priorities in expressing our womanhood is to allow our presence to be enjoyed by others.  Keep others company.  And to seek out the company of others. 

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