Monday, March 25, 2013


I have been walking with the Lord for 11yrs now, and I have been blessed to be able to be under the leadership of some really great pastors.  What God has shown me in these years is that each pastor has a different conviction within the Body of Christ.  Each Pastor is endowed with different gifts.  My first pastor, at the church I got saved, one of the major gifts that God used in him was the gift of wisdom.  He seemed to have a special measure of this gift and God used it to build His kingdom within that church body and is still using it.

Then there was another Pastor I was under and he was always preaching on holiness.  It wasn't coming from a place where he thought he was "holier than thou".  It was just the conviction the God had given him to build that church on.  He preached about holiness almost every Sunday.  A conviction stronger than that of most Pastors.  That was what God gave to Him.

I follow Joseph Prince's Ministry, and God gave him "grace".  That's all he preaches, is grace.  But God has built his church on teaching about the grace of God.

My husband and I joined a new church in VA, about 1 year ago.  I just realized what God has given to my new Pastor, with which to build our church.  Mercy!!!  Our pastor has a special measure of the ability to be able to extend mercy.  It's more than most and I believe that it is what God will build our church on.  As long as he stays in his convictions and is bold in it.  If God gave it to you, you mineswell preach it recklessly.  Our church is kind of starting all over, due to a church fire in August of last year.  So I believe and I confess that the convictions that God has given our pastor is the convictions with which he will build our church!!

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