Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life inside of you

Jesus said in John 10:10  that He came that that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.  As I was walking outside this morning with my son.  I started thinking about all the things I'm doing, all the things I want to do and how in the world is it going to happen.  I clearly heard in my spirit that it's all gonna come out, you just have to keep pushing.  There is a life on the inside of you, that you need to push out.  Many of us have pushed our goals, aspirations, and dreams for life to the side.  I challenge you to re-visit those things through prayer and see what God has to say.  Sometimes, you dream about life being a certain way for years and years, and nothing happens.  You wonder what God is going to do with all your dreams and aspirations.  Will He do anything with them?  Are they from Him?  I asked all these questions over the years.  Then BOOM! God has got me in this place where He is bringing it all to pass.  But I have to push it out, as I trust Him.  When you are pregnant and in labor, your pushing and it feels like "it's taking forever to push this baby out".  But you know it's coming out now!  Your body is going to push.  During labor, you get tired during the pushing and you feel like you can't push anymore.  But your supporters are saying, you have to push. 

There is life on the inside of you and when God is ready to birth that life, you have to push.   You won't always feel like it, but God is saying "you have to push, the life has got to come out".  This is happening to me right now.  I'm pushing it all out, I don't know how long this season is going to last.  But I know I'm pushing it all out.  Every dream that God has given me for my life, my family, my home, my ministry.............He is telling me to push.  It feels awkward, it feels weird pushing so many things out in so many different areas of life.  But that's how God works.  With God, when it rains, it pours.  But don't get overwhelmed by the pouring out.  Just push, keep pushing.  Trust God to order your steps and keep pushing.  When you feel like you can't push anymore, just remember your almost there, but you have to push.  The Holy Spirit is your birth coach. 

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