Monday, April 22, 2013

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

I want to encourage everyone reading this, that God is good and He has a good life planned for you, if you let Him be Lord of your life and show you.  Look, I know you have been programmed to want things to happen fast, we all have.  It's a fight to wait on God.  It's a fight to just rest in Him.  But let me encourage  you, I have seen more good coming into my life by just resting and waiting on Him, than I ever have trying to rush and make things happen.  Anything you make happen in your life is shortlived and temporary.  But whatever God brings into your life will stand and nobody can take it away.  A life of peace and joy can unfold if you just give God time to work in your life.  Yeah, I know it's painful and it almost feels like you are being pressed on all sides as you wait.  But the crushing is good, because just like when olives are pressed you get the oil.  So to, must you be pressed for the annointing of the Lord to flow in your life.  As I was sitting here today, I felt the Holy Spirit say to me "Just wait, it's coming".  Once you let go completely is when you really see the flow of God in your life.  I am so close to that point of completely letting go.  I know I'm still holding on to a little bit.  But I'm so close to letting that little bit go.  Even in that, I wait for God to help me let go.

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