Friday, May 24, 2013

Don't back away, come closer

I have been talking about "The Wall".  You know that wall you keep hitting in your life.  You are trying to move forward in areas and you make a little progress and get a little leverage and you hit this wall within yourself.  Immediately we want to shrink back from the wall, shrink back into our comfort zones.  Many times we don't even know we have a wall in our way.  We just figure the timing is wrong or that God is not ready to do something through you yet.  Once you have hit up against this thing enough times, you realize "wait there is something here, that won't let me pass".  Normally, "the wall" does not just pop in one area of our lives concerning one thing, you will find that you hit it in every area of your life.  How big is that!!!  I mean big in a good way, because do you realize that if God makes this wall come crashing down what is going to come flooding into every area of your life.  Do your realize that this wall is the only thing standing in your way in every area of your life.  I pray that you get a revelation of this.  Paula White said something like this "One moment of illumination and revelation can change the direction of your life forever".  God has just shown me my "wall".  Just like they encircled the wall of Jericho for 7 days and it came crashing down.  I'm walking around my "wall"  It's getting ready to come crashing down.  At that time, the floods gates are going to open in my life.

I reinterate, don't shrink back from "the wall" walk around it.  Examine it.  Find out what the history of it has been in your life.  See where it's been holding you back and then wait and anticipate the monumental level of deliverance that is going to take place when God brings it crashing down!!!

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