Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Free yourself to be free

The bible says that "Whom the Son has set free is free indeed".  Do you see the emphasis on free.  Not only free, but free for sure, free for certain, abundantly free, doubly free, so free.  There is such emphasis on "free".  Why do you think God had to tell us this.  He wants us to live this truth out.  He wants us to grab hold of this truth and run with it.  If you have been saved and washed in the blood Jesus Christ than you are "free".  God is saying you are surely free.  Free to go, free to fly.  Why aren't we going?  Why aren't we flying?  How many people have felt sorry for an animal that has been wounded and then when they are all healed and you open the cage for them to go free, they just sit there.  Or when an animal has been in captivity so long, when they are set free, they don't go free.  There are even prisoners who have been in jail so long, that when they finally have an opportunity to be free, they would rather stay in prison, than be free.  See freedom can be a scary thing, when you have been in prison for a very long time.  But we have to trust God. 

God has said to many of us, "You are healed, go free".  We are still sitting in our prisons.  The prison door is opened and God is saying "Go ahead, you're free" But we have become such "friends" with the bondage in our lives.  But the bondage is our enemy.  We are just comfortable with it.  I think it's because we "feel we have a sense of control there".  Bondage is small, but freedom is big and we have to trust God to roam free.  Some things that seem good, we have to step away from because it's bondage for you or for me.  It takes faith to step away from something that seems "good" so you won't be in bondage to it.  It takes faith, to believe that while that may be "good" God can produce something so much better. 

As we are going about our day and we hit areas of bondage, it feels like an "obstruction".  It is an obstruction.  It is an obstruction in our freedom and an obstruction in our anointing.  If there is an obstruction, the flow of our anointing gets hindered.  We can't have that!  There is a Godly land, a heavenly land that we can roam free in right now, but we can only do that under the anointing of God.  It's the only way.  Many of us ride the fence everyday of our lives between freedom and bondage.  A little freedom, a little bondage.  That can't work, you have to choose!  Honestly we have to be willing to throw everything on the altar of God for our freedom.  Ultimately, we have to be willing to let go of everything to walk in freedom.  I didn't say we "have" to let go of everything, I said we have to be "willing" to.  The reason why I say that, is because some things that we have to be willing to let go of are things that are not inherently bad, but are bad for us; because for us, as individuals, they cause bondage.  You can sense when you are about to walk into an area of bondage in your life or when you have stepped out of freedom into bondage, because you feel a tightness, an anxiety.  It can be described like a mental paralysis.  You sense your "flow" has come to a quick holt.  Somehow you stepped out of freedom into a prison cell.  You can start to recognize the signs of this happening in your life and you can back out of that prison cell, and place your feet where Jesus has planted them and that is in freedom.

Now, the most important thing that Jesus calls us to do as His disciples is to "love".  I have noticed in my life, when I have stepped into bondage, my capacity to love gets immediately hindered.  It's like an obstruction.  Sometimes we refuse to walk in the freedom that God has given us because we feel like if we do so, we will not be able to love our families the way we need to.  But the opposite is true.  When you walk in complete freedom in Christ, your capacity to love becomes greater.  Many times we think when we walk in completely freedom we are taking some things away from those who are closest to us, when the opposite is true, you are adding so much more to their lives. 

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