Friday, June 7, 2013

It takes time, start setting up now

The other day, God laid something on my heart:
"Things take time, start setting up now for what you want to do"

I'm 36 years old and I have said for years, God has a blueprint stuck to my heart of what my life is suppose to look like.  From the largest details to the smallest details.  It's time for me to start doing everything according to that "blueprint".  Many of us have the same thing on the inside of us.  But we rarely line up how we go about life according to the blueprint God has laid on our hearts.  Rarely, do we make decisions according to that.  It comes a time where God is ready to birth that life that He promised you long ago.  When that time comes, you must prepare.  You must take everything in your life and line it up with what's on your heart and if it doesn't line up, it's got to go!  Everything has got to start to line up with what God has called  you to.  Now, some people hear the word "called" and they automatically think a specific ministry.  I am using the word "called" in terms of your life overall.  I have been called to a certain type of life, not just a ministry.  God has given me a blueprint of a life that I have been called to live out.  But until now, I haven't been lining things up and measuring them by that blueprint.  But you have to do that, in order to get rid of the things and the people that will take precious time, energy, and resources that you need to be putting elsewhere.  Many people are not happy, many Christians are not living the "abundant life" that Jesus said He came to give us.  I have asked God about this for years.  "What does this abundant life look like?  What does it feel like?"  I believe God is getting ready to answer these prayers.  But there is money, time, and energy that needs to be poured into it.  That means I need to spend my money on things that line up with that blueprint that God has given me, that means I need to do my work in a way that lines up with that vision.  I need to deal with family and friends in a way that lines up, I need to treat my husband and kids in a way that lines up.  "It takes awhile, start setting up now for what you want to do with your life"

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