Sunday, June 9, 2013

What soothes your heart, pay close attention

We live in a culture where we rarely pay attention to our hearts cry or the hearts cry of others  We can't hear it over the T.V., radio, social media websites, and all the things we burden ourselves down with on a daily basis.  Ever so often we get a taste of something and it provides a soothing in our hearts.  This comes in the form of many things.  A word from God, spending time with a friend, having a clean kitchen,  hosting people at your house, beautiful smelling perfume, spending time horseback riding, playing fetch with your dog, hanging out with your kids, going to the movies with your husband.  The specific things that provide a soothing balm to your heart, are signs.  They are signs that represent the life that God has called you to live.  Many of us are not paying attention, we are just running and running, busy and busy. 

I use myself as an example on this blog, hoping that my journey helps someone else.  God has called me to a ministry to women in my home.  He has called me to provide comfort, rest, and intimate connection.  For me, when my home is set up for that to happen, it soothes my soul and I want to step out on it more boldly.  I had a friend over a couple days ago and I had candles lit, the house was tidy, and we sat down on the couch with our feet up and chatted while our kids played around us.  But it was such an anointed time of comfort and closeness.  This was a balm that soothed my soul.  Many times the things that relieve and soothe our souls, have a lot to do with God's purpose for us.  When you live out your purpose, it will provide comfort and rest to everyone around you,  because that is the ministry of Jesus Christ, to provide rest for our souls.  He didn't say he would provide "work for our souls"  he said "we would find rest for our souls". 

In my last blog, I talked about "a blueprint" on my heart.  We all have one, we just have to pay attention to the "signs".  For me, now that I know my purpose is linked to the things that soothe my heart and that it will provide comfort for others, I need to exercise some discipline and fight my flesh for those things.  For example, if I want my home ready for the ministry that God has given me in my home, it's important that I keep my dishes done, my kitchen tidy and the couch neat.  I have young children, so there will be toys, but even in the midst of toys there is an atmosphere that God has anointed me to be able to provide. 

Horseback riding is something my dad introduced me to when I was younger.  I fell in love and still love it today.  I have been wanting to get back to it for many years, but horseback riding lessons are not cheap.  You are talking about $50.00 per lesson.  But if that is part of my blueprint, then I get rid of expenses that are not part of my "blueprint" so I can fund that things that are a part of my blueprint. 

We have to start trimming the fat and lining things up with what God has placed on the inside of us, God only funds His purposes.  If you are constantly spending your money on things that won't feed you, then you won't have money for the thing that do feed you. 

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