Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rythem is on my mind

Lately God has had  rhythm on my mind.  The rhythm of family life has felt somewhat retarded for me.  There is a lack of freedom.  I have been telling myself  "it's because we have young kids" but something has always felt very inadequate about this answer.  I believe there is an extreme blessing for my family and I as I start to catch a huge revelation from God about our family rhythm and what it should be.  Many times we try to fit into the rhythm of the culture surrounding us, when we are all unique and so are our families, so why can't we have a unique way of doing things.  But I believe it requires "stepping out of the box"  letting God lead you in where you need to do that.  If God is leading you it will yield a harvest of peace for your household and not chaos.  It will allow God's rhythms to flow in your family instead of such rigidness.  There are people that will try to hold you back from your freedom, but don't let them.  It is for freedom that Christ set us free.

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