Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Routine" vs "Rythem"

The "cycles" we establish in our lives are very important, as it determines the "rythem" of our lives.  I use the word "rythem". And it makes me think of the word "heartbeat". God has established the "seasons" of the year.  The seasons change and that comes with changes in weather and changes in the natural landscape.  We learn that "change" is healthy and not to hold on to tight to anything.  Since there are only 4 seasons we also learn that consistency is important to.  God has shown me that there are times where I have to insert a change into my routine,  just so I don't get "stuck" in a certain pattern.  While we have routines,  you want your life to have more of a "rythem" than a "routine". Thank You Father!!

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