Monday, June 9, 2014

Hard to receive

Our culture is naturally inclined towards pessimism as opposed to optimism.  Many of us are missing out on great opportunities in our lives just because we won't allow ourselves to believe that it could really work out for the best.  Some of us are automatically suspect if a stranger on the street is nice to us, or simply smiles and says "hello".  Why?  Because we have been taught that nothing is free.  We either have to work for it, or somehow qualify for it.  "Grace" is not an easy thing to teach.  I think the best definition of it is below. 

Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. 

God wants to "give" to us in every area.  He wants to do it all by grace.  I think many of us as Christians limit this to just salvation.  Like "oh yeah, salvation is a gift but we have to work for everything else".  God had me start a list today that I'm sure He is going to grow.  There are a couple things in my life that God has just given to me and I did not work for it, pay for it, etc.  Look below:
1.  I made some horrible mistakes when I was young with my credit, acquired a bunch of debt and eventually filed bankruptcy.  Even had a car repossessed.  Well I was so traumatized by my bad credit that even after many years I had no credit cards and was scared to apply for any because the rejection had a huge impact on me.  I thought my credit would never be good again, I was even about to pay $500.00 to get help fixing it, but right before I did that,I decided to check my credit score and to my surprise not only was it almost 800 but it said on 1 of the credit reports that there was no negative credit history to report .  Well, I didn't have to pay that 500.00 and I didn't have to write any letters.  As a result of my marriage to a godly man who has outstanding credit and financial habits, whatever  he had became mine, that included his good credit. Because I changed my last name when I got married, I got a new identity.  I took on my husbands last name and in doing that I received everything that is his.  That's why marriage is a great illustration of Christ and the church. When we accept Christ we become His bride and we have a new identity and everything that is His becomes ours as well, because we are married to him. 
2.  I am a born entrepreneur,  this started to come out in my teenage years.  Always searching for good investments that I couldn't afford and looking into businesses that I couldn't buy.  Even though I had great jobs,  I always felt confined by the 9 to 5pm.  I always looked for new ways to challenge myself outside of the normal scope of my job description.  Well,  I own more then 50% percent of a successful office supply company now and guess what,  I didn't have to do anything to get it, but be a wife to my husband.  One day he said to me, I need to give you more than 50% ownership of the company, because it needs to be "woman owned".  Am I active in the company??  Ofcoarse! Did I do anything deserving of ownership other than being his wife?  Nope.  Again, it's the same with Jesus.  He has so many good things He wants to give to you just becAuse you are His bride.  

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