Friday, June 6, 2014

What are you reallly afraid of

What are we really saying with our words of fear, nervousness, anxiety, doubt?

I thought about this statement, because as summer approached, I've experienced an intense amount of nervousness about having 2 young children home with me all day everyday.  But I've also noticed an intense amount of nervousness about other things as well.  Nervousness has not really been something that I feel like I've dealt with on this level before.  But I decided to delve into the nervousness for a moment and ask, "What's really going on here?" As I have thought more about it over the last couple minutes, I realized that my real fear is in starting something and it not working out.  You know, successful people and successful moms, become successful through trying many new ideas and seeing what works out and what doesn't. Somehow, I have convinced myself that I don't have time to try new ideas for them not to work out.  Quite frankly that is propostrous!!!  God is showing me that in order for me to follow my dreams in motherhood, business, and writing I have to allow a lot of space in my life to try lots of different things.  To be honest, the dreams that God has placed in my heart can be very uncomfortable at times.  I think it's when I get an opportunity to actually test drive my dream a little bit, is when I get nervous.  It's just like if a singer was to wait years to fullfill their dream of being a professional in the industry and when their opportunity comes, all they want to do is run.  They have dreamed about it their whole life, but suddenly when you are face to face with it, it seems overwhelming. 

In conclusion I think the biggest thing that keeps me from embarking completely on the adventure that I know God has for me is my unwillingness to try new things and experience them not working out.  That is how you get to what ultimately will work out.  God Bless you Today

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