Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kingdom Businesses - Sowing and Reaping

I was inspired by a close sister in the Lord to post some blogs that are focused on business.  I said within myself, if something hits me I will be faithful to blog about it.  Something hit me for the 2nd time today.  Many times we go for years believing that certain concepts in the bible mean one thing for our lives, and we find out later by the grace of God that it means something different.  Well, God is doing this again in my life with sowing and reaping.  I mean, I guess I understood the concept of "sowing and reaping" well enough, but I didn't really understand it in the area of business.  God is beginning a better understanding in me right now. 

Kingdom businesses have to be careful not to operate the same way the world's businesses operate.  While there is a measure of success in the way the world operates in business;  I believe we all can see that the world's success comes with alot of stress, which causes alot of sickness and dis-ease.  When you are a part of God's kingdom, this is not so. 

Kingdom business owners should be led by God and He should determine where and how you sow, and when and how you reap.  In the world you offer a service or product and your main concern is your profit.  You are looking to turn a profit at the time that the services are rendered.  Now that is smart business, I'm not saying it's not.  In the world business is all about the transferring of goods or the rendering of services to another in exchange for money.  This is not "sowing and reaping.  So what does sowing and reaping look like in a Christian business?  I can't exactly say, but I can give you some idea of what God has put on my heart today concerning this topic:
  1. Your profit is not according to what you can provide but according to what God can provide
  2. The transactions you make with others is not based on what you can provide to one another but what God can provide to all parties involved.
  3. Your qualifications or lack thereof does not determine what impact your product or service will have in the marketplace, God determines that.
  4. The anatomy of a "Kingdom Business" transaction is different than a secular business transaction.
  5. Being a "Kingdom Business" is not as much about the product or service as it is about the "motivation" of the business owner.
  6. It's not about instant "gratification"(profit), but it is about sustaining sustenance and abundance of grace from God.
I'm going to attempt to present a bible study on each one of these points over the coming weeks. Stay tuned...............................................................

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