Thursday, September 11, 2014

Faith I didn't know

I have had some experiences in my life, God knows I have.  But nothing compared to the prison that consisted of emotions, thoughts, fears, doubts, etc.! I have been in the prison of anxiety, the prison of depression, the prison of thinking too much about things.  So many prisons,  too numerous to count.  I thought I needed them all.  My prisons protected me from the elements,  what would I do if I looked around and I didn't have the 4 walls rom protect me.  Without these walls I would feel so exposed, so vulnerable.  But God is showing me something.  The world has raised us to believe our skeptic, worrisome nature is necessary to survive in this world, to succeed, and to protect the one's we love.  The last 2 days I haven't been feeling well,  very nauseous and it was draining the life out of me, I wasn't enjoying anything because I just didn't feel well,  and I hate it when something like that happens that is out of my control.  Today as I felt better,  the Holy Spirit started talking to me about faith. He started to encourage me to stop thinking about tomorrow, what you have to do; and if all is going well, enjoy it!!  Enjoy it by faith.  Live in the "good".  Not somewhere between the good and the evil.  Live in the freedom of faith, not somewhere between faith and worry.  I've heard some of this before,  but I think God is finally showing me how to actually do it.  We worry about problems that don't even exist.  We do things "just in case". I can't live the "just in case", "I want to make sure", "what if" life anymore.  It has been a prison.  If "all is well" than "all is well!!!  Life is good for my family and I, and I will not apologize for it.  Life has not always been good for me. I have seen evil days and those days are behind me.  God has good and only good in store for my family and I.  He says that He is good.  He says He has good plans for us.  He says His plans are not to harm us.  I have moved from the "some good days and some bad days street" to "good days and only good days avenue".  There are those who would "love life and see good days". Not feeling well this time around,  really made me want to live life a different way.  Here is the revelation that came today:
I have heard so many people say things "in faith" and nothing happen.  I have heard people speak "positive" and end up with a life full of stress and "labors". What keeps me from living the "let go" life of complete faith?  I'm scared nothing will happen.  That would be true if I wasn't a believer in Christ, sealed by the Holy Spirit.  But because I am sealed, signed, and delivered in Christ; when I let go, that's when the "good life" happens.  This is for me, I can't speak for anyone else.  I have been challenged by God to see "good" days.  That only happens when you choose to relax and enjoy God's goodness.  We have a world of people who try to keep you from doing that.  And when you talk about it, they will shut you down and spike your thoughts with the evil in the world.  These people are uncomfortable with the "quiet" life.  These people think you have to be "ambitious".  They say "Is that all you do all day?"  They are uncomfortable with the lack of "activity" in your life.  They believe more in an "accomplished" life then a "good life".  Some of these people believe more in a "sacrificial" life than a "good" life.  God says that He desires "mercy" not "sacrifice". God wants a relationship with us, that's all.  It's what we were created for.  He does want us to  live life and "see good days".  Look it up in the bible.  A lot of Christians agree with the live life part, but the "see good days" part will cause some to be conflicted.  They will say "Well, what exactly does that mean?"  Instead of taking it at face value and believing God for it, we are suspicious of it.  I'll leave you with this.

1 Peter 3:10 
For“He who would love lifeAnd see good days,Let him refrain his tongue from evil,And his lips from speaking deceit. 

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