Friday, September 12, 2014

Our relationship with words

We have very strong relationships with word patterns.  Meaning that, there are certain statements that we make all the time.  Some of the relationships we have are not good relationships and they produce bondage on top of bondage in our lives.  As I am trusting God to change how I speak, I am also discovering how my words affect my faith.  A simple question  like "What are we going to do if.........?  I feel the need to ask these types of questions a lot.  I want to be prepared.  What exactly do I want to be prepared for?  What am I anticipating?  These are good explorations because it helps us discover why we say the things we say.  Sometimes God brings you to a point where He wants you to stop trying to be prepared for everything and start trusting Him.  He just wants to show us that He totally has our back.  He wants to grow our faith.  That might mean stepping away from some of the reliance we have on our own ability to "plan" and just let God take over.  "Planning" in and of itself is not bad, it's not bad at all.  However, there are times in our lives.  There are times where God is saying " Let Me take over for awhile so I can grow your faith and show you what I can do".

1 Peter 3:10 For“He who would love lifeAnd see good days,Let him refrain his tongue from evil,And his lips from speaking deceit. 

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