Sunday, September 14, 2014

Totally revelational

Sometimes God takes us out of a particular behavioral pattern in our lives,  it's not always because that particular behavior is "bad".  But it could be getting in the way of God showing you Who He is in a specific area of your life.  He wants to remove you, show you what He is able and willing to do for you; and then put you back so you can walk in greater faith in that area.  I see a picture in my mind of a big hand that represents God's hand.  I see God's hand with a tiny person in it;  and God is lifting them up and out of something.  Then I see that same hand of God holding that same tiny person placing them back down;  then that hand of God sets the tiny person back down, gently brushes them off, like and parent would do when a child falls and gets dirty, then sends them their way.

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