Monday, December 15, 2014

A new Calendar!

I was marking some things on my calendar that I have coming up and I went to turn to the next month and I realized I had finished my 2014 calendar.  I really couldn't believe it!!  I feel like I just bought that calendar and I'm already finished.  This year has been an emotional one.  Lost my grandma and my dad this year.  My dad passed just a few months ago.  My Christmas spirit hasn't been at it's normal height this year.   I haven't been as reflective as I normally am to prepare for the year ahead.  I think today, through the prayers of those around me, I feel like turning to find that my calendar is done that it's time to anticipate great things in the New Year.  God has done some great work in my heart this year.  Money is one area.  I just don't spend like I use to.  He has blessed me with this desire to not want to use credit cards.  I found He has given me what I need to stay within a budget.  It is something I rejoice in because it's an area that I have covered in much prayer over the years.  Getting away from spending compulsively.  As I go into 2015, what lies on my heart is the question of "How does God want me to give?".  "Where does God want to expand me?"  I have been reading the book of Joshua and these were some of the earliest battles of God's people.  One of the things you see is God's people conquering and taking over "territory" after "territory".  In 2015 it's about going into new territories of life and taking them over

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