Saturday, December 27, 2014

Make peace

IDoing things in a way that make for peace at home, does not always feel like an option.  Many times I put pressure on myself in ways that make me uptight instead of peaceful.  This affects my husband and my kids.  I am becoming more and more sensitive to it.  Sometimes I feel like I have to pressure myself.  I'm not sure if that's true. I truly get the most done when I'm inspired/motivated, not pressured.  Trying to get stuff done by putting pressure on yourself, is like walking on a treadmill.  You are walking but your are going nowhere.  Pressure never results in relief, it only produces more pressure.  Some people think that pressure and guilt help you get things done and change for the better.  But really the only thing they are good for is to show you how much you need the Holy Spirit.  You will find in the bible that the Holy Spirit inspires, He doesn't "pressure".  Making peace comes from being "inspired" by the Holy Spirit, not being pressured  by yourself or others. If you need more inspiration in your life pray for more of the Holy Spirit in your life (Luke 11:13). And remember pressure leads to stress, and stress leads to disease.  The Holy Spirit leads to inspiration and inspiration leads to peace, health and wholeness.  Letting the Holy Spirit lead you might not get things done as fast as you want them done, but it will lead to something much greater then just an item checked off you to-do list

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