Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Divine direction

Many times in life we question when, the right time is, to do certain things.  Many of us can have quite a few different things we are juggling at one time and if we turn our attention to something else, even for a moment, one of those balls are going to get dropped.  When there are desires and visions in your heart, it's important that you not only wait for God's timing, but trust that He will not only let you know; but He will also inspire you to carryout, whatever it is you need to carry out.  Sometimes it's not that you don't believe God will do it, but you might not know if He is leading you or not.  Well, none of us is perfect in that area.  But what I will say is that God does not appeal to the senses as much as He appeals to the heart.  His voice is a small, steady voice inside you.  Many times  during my day, I stop to listen, to see what I'm hearing inside. I have quiet meditations with my heart,  that's why God says to "guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life".  Practicing quiet meditations with your heart helps you to hear the small, still voice of the Holy Spirit in your life.  I've learned to pay attention to the steady messages in my heart, instead of the fleeting thoughts I have.  Something else to remember is that, normally whatever God has shown you for His plan for your life, there has already been a witness inside you of what that plan is for years.  After I got saved 13 years ago, a supernatural aptitude concerning certain areas of life began to emerge in me.  Some of these things were active in me before I accepted Christ, but there was no witness living on the inside of me, because I didn't have the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit acts as a witness, confirming the purposes of God for you life.  The Holy Spirit adds wisdom where there is none and direction where there is confusion.

I realize I have readers from all over the world and people online like to remain anonymous a lot of the times, but I'm hoping for opportunities to pray for some of you individually.  If you are at a crossroads and/or in desperate need of God's wisdom concerning an area of your life, don't remain anonymous. Take a step of faith and send your prayer request to the email address below.  I will join with you as a prayer partner to seek God's answers for your life. My email is below

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