Thursday, January 22, 2015

Proper Placement

It's so important that we don't look at the lives of other people and compare them to ours.  We shouldn't determine our level of blessing by someone else's pain or lack.  When you are believing God for something specific in your life, don't stop believing because someone else you know believed and didn't get it.  Don't stop believing because it didn't happen for someone else.  Don't stop believing until you stop breathing.  Faith and hope is just as important as breathing.  If you are not breathing it's hard to stay alive.  If you don't have faith and hope you are dead already. Let me give you an example:  The bible says that children are a gift from the Lord and they are a reward from Him.  Do you feel like God is rewarding you by giving you children?  Do you see children as a gift?  Many of us are at places in our lives where we need a new job, more money, a spouse to change their ways, some of us just need help.  Some of us are looking for direction in business and relationships.  Some of us are looking for that special person to share our lives with.  I have found that we have to prioritize our value system.  Many times peace, joy, grace, and mercy are on the bottom of our list of things we need instead of at the top.  But I'm finding that when I allow myself to be consumed with my temporary things that I need, I start to loose the eternal things like joy and peace.  When I re-focus on the really important things I don't get stressed out.  God wants us to have peace no matter what's going on in our lives.  How many things rob us of bits of our peace on a daily basis.  If that is happening, then that means you have given some things the wrong placement in your value system.  Don't get me wrong, God is interested in everything going on in your life and He wants to bless you in all those things, but He wants those things to be kept in their proper place in your value system.  If those things can rob you or your peace and joy, then their placement is wrong.   

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