Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Supernatural" vs "natural"

I have this whole thing in mind with the "natural" vs "supernatural".  Is one superior to the other?  Should one take priority over the other?  Do we gravitate more towards one than the other in our hearts?  I say this because to me there is always a inward pull towards the supernatural.  I'm exploring this.  I'm exploring this because I think many times, we do not feed our spirit what it needs.  We actually yearn to feed who we are on the inside.  But I think we end up feeding more of what you can see on the outside.  What's on the outside of me?  Well, I'm a mother so my I have my kids to take care of.  I'm a wife, so I have that, I help my husband with our business, so I have that.These are all things you can see and really these are "natural" roles in my life.  A mother naturally wants to feed her family and be there for them.  There are moms who are unable to do that, because of sickness or addiction but the desire is there.  It is a very natural desire.  It doesn't surprise people when a mother feeds her children.  It doesn't surprise people when they see a mother taking care of her family and home.  These are natural desires.  They are given to us by God, but I am starting to believe that if we want to live the "abundant" life that Jesus speaks about in John 10:10,  we have to begin to prioritize the "supernatural" ahead of the "natural".  Does that mean that we don't take care of our families and the other areas of our lives? No, it means that believers have the Holy Spirit living inside of them and that means there is a supernatural source inside of you and you  need to feed that more than anything else in your life.  Feeding your spirit, takes time, and it takes you totally going against the "natural" at times in order to produce the "abundant" life of Jesus in our lives.  I think sometimes, we deny ourselves the wrong things, especially as women.  What did Jesus mean in Luke 9:23 when He said to "deny" ourselves "take up our cross" and follow Him.  I always wondered what Jesus meant by this .  I felt like it was always explained in the churches I attended as if if was a "suffering" thing.  But I'm starting think our "cross" is that inner yearning to share our gifts with the world and to bring Jesus to lost, hopeless people through our gifts.  To do this refreshes us and gives us something to look forward to everyday,  out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.  There is an "abundant life" already living on the inside of us, but we have feed that life in order to see it produced on the outside.  Many of us have a special yearning on the inside of us and, many times, in that special yearning lies your very life.

So what do you do with all the "natural" stuff you have to do and provide for?  Do it out of an "abundant life" source, let it flow out of that.  For many of us our source is a depleted source

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