Friday, February 13, 2015

"Performance" got you captive?

I just realized that "performance" has kept me captive for many years.  When I say "performance" I mean in the sense of "living life to get applause".  What's funny is, that living life this way doesn't mean you live life as a better person, it just means you hide all the "ugly" sides of you.  Living for "applause" causes you to go into "hiding" and you don't really get to be who you really are in the light, with the "good", "bad" and the "ugly".  Some people actually believe that you should hide those not so good, not so holy, not so pure aspects of yourself.  But what happens in "hiding" is that that those "not so good" aspects of yourself grow more dark, and more evil and worst in the darkness of hiding.  In the darkness of hiding they form bondages and strongholds in your life.  When we don't have to hide all that we really are, freedom is the result.  In the "light" of freedom you grow more like Christ in every area, but it requires you to be comfortable with every part of yourself no matter what other people think.  You can never become like Christ, in the area's of life, that you feel like you have to hide.  Those areas of our lives cannot be healed in hiding, those areas of life cannot be redeemed in hiding, You cannot experience true love from anyone when you feel like you can't be you "true self".  When you feel like you can only show people one side of you, you don't give people a chance to love and appreciate who you really are as a whole and that further puts you in darkness, because the more people love that "one side" of you that you allow them to see, the more you feel like you can't show them "other sides" of you.  There is "light" in freedom there is "darkness" in hiding.

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