Thursday, February 19, 2015

Power is necessity

I'm learning more and more that there is this place that we all need to get to on a daily basis, but it is so difficult.  Life fights us getting there.  So many things work against it.  Maybe I should use the word "fight" against it.  This place is the "secret place".  God is showing me that "the secret place" is the most important place in my life.  I use to think, the secret place was inside me, but it is a outer, geographical place that will cultivate a "secret place" on the inside of us.

Psalm 91:1 - He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

God is showing me that it is vital that I get alone with Him, daily.  He is showing me that my power in the daytime comes from what I do in "secret".  I just sense this urgency and a growing importance inside of me that I need to start getting up early in the morning and meeting with God.  I just have this feeling that everything I need is there in that physical place that I choose to meet God every morning before "my world" wakes up.  I sense my "power" going to come out of that place, "my peace" is going to come out of that place and "my supply" is going to come out of that place.  I sense God telling me that I need to prepare that place somewhere in my home.  That I need to make "preparing" this place a priority.  It needs to be ready to receive me, because it's a fight to get there and it needs to be prepared so I will in fact "go" there.  I believe there are invisible forces that keep us from prioritizing this in our lives.  I believe there is serious "resistance" in place to keep us from getting alone with God.  I believe the devil knows that our power lies in this "secret place"

We just don't prioritize our quiet time with God, and I'm starting to believe that this "secret place" is actually the most important place in the life of a believer and we need to treat it as such. I haven't been doing that, but God is telling me that it's time to cultivate this in my life.  That means I have to put it before all the "natural" roles in my life.  Again, I thought "before" just meant an inward prioritizing.  But God is showing me that it is an outward "physical" order that needs to take place in my life and putting Him "first" does literally mean that you get with Him before you do anything else with your day.  Again, I use to think that it was enough to just acknowledge Him before I did anything else, but now I realize He wants me to come to Him as if He has prepared a table for me and He wants me to sit down and eat with Him.  It's so much more than acknowledging Him.  He wants to feed me, comfort me, He wants to talk to me about my day, about my  life, about my purpose, about my peace, about my joy, about the world around me. And He wants more of a place, a physical place in my life.  He wants to expand in my life.  God lets you know when He wants "physical territory" in your life.

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