Friday, February 27, 2015

Renewed and transformed

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).  This scripture makes me think about HGTV.  The network where they are always renovating houses.  I think of our brain as a house that contains many rooms.  We have all these areas of our brains that are responsible for different functions.  Our different emotional responses even lie in our minds.  When I think of the scripture above.  It makes me think of the rooms in our brain being redecorated and renovated.  That's what I feel like God is showing me right now.  God changes our lives through this process.  He changes our perspective and how we view and respond to life.  There are times where a mental shift is necessary in order for us to continue to move forward in our walk with God.  That is not to say that your old mindset was bad.  I think we have this tendency to think that just because something needs to change in our lives, it always means there was something "wrong" with our previous way.  That's not always the case.  "Renewal" is a lifelong process that God will take us through over and over again until we leave this earth. "Mental shifts" are part of that renewal.  I'm kind of getting excited as I think of the "mental makeover" that God is giving me.  Who doesn't get excited over redecorating a room in their house?  How refreshing is it to transform your surroundings into something new and fresh?  Well, God can do that with your mind.  He can give you something new and refreshing to lay your eyes on.  He can renew your thoughts so you can focus on new things, new endeavers.  He can give you new inspiration and motivation.  We have to cooperate with the process.  God will set up the infrastructure with which He will provide everything you need to cooperate, but you have to respond to the infrastructure/help that He gives you to do that.  That's an issue I struggle with.  God will give me everything I need to cooperate with Him but I  don't always seize the opportunity.  I allow myself to be stuck in old patterns.  Sometimes, even though we want change and need change, it's still easier to stay in our own old patterns than it is to allow God to establish new patterns.  But I would encourage myself and others to embrace the "new" that God is trying to bring into your life right now, even if it means making some adjustments you are not use to.  If you know that this is what God is wanting to do in your life and you recognize the help that He has sent in order for you to be able to do it, ake advantage of it!

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